Rantz Hoseley

Rantz is the fabulous artist responsible for our logo this year. We are overjoyed to welcome him as a guest. More than a couple of years ago Moscon was his first convention.

Raised in the inland Northwest, Rantz Hoseley started his career working as a storyboard artist on rock videos for bands like Aerosmith and the Scorpions. After attending WSU, he entered the world of software and videogame development, working as an Art Director on ALADDIN – The Fate of Agrabah for Disney Interactive, and the Creative Director of STAR TREK: TACTICAL ASSAULT and MASTER OF ORION III for Quicksilver Software.

Working professionally in comics as an artist, writer and editor since 1987, he won the Eisner and Harvey award in 2009 for COMIC BOOK TATTOO his anthology based on 51 songs by Tori Amos. As the managing Editor of HEAVY METAL magazine from 2016-2019 under Editor in Chief, Grant Morrison, he adapted Nikki’s Sixx’s memoir THE HEROIN DIARIES into a graphic novel in 2018.

Recently, he’s returned to working in film and TV, co-writing a feature film for 20th Century Fox, based on Kevin J. Anderson’s novel ILL WIND, as well as directing the video for SIXX:A.M.’s new version of their hit “Life Is Beautiful”. He lives in Los Angeles where he has a dozen projects in the works at any given time.