Vince Roux

Vince Roux is a mechanical engineer, and a co-owner and lead researcher at Off Planet Research (,  a small company secretly hidden in Lacey, Washington.  One of his jobs is to simulate extra-terrestrial environments for conducting research and development for spacecraft and landed technologies, and help to develop the industries that are planned for other worlds.
Vince has been in the aerospace and space industries for over 30 years.  He has worked on everything from bug-smashing bush planes in the most remote places on earth, to the most advanced rockets ever made, and everything in-between.  He and his business and research partner, Melissa Roth, are members of the Commercial Advisory Board for the NASA-chartered Lunar Exploration Advisory Group, and they have presented at numerous conferences which recently included the annual Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference and NewSpace.  Their work has most recently been featured in Space Magazine and Wired.  Off Planet Research clients and collaborators include labs at NASA and the ESA, as well as numerous prominent private organizations.

Keeping Space-Based Fiction Real:
It is commonly accepted that the environments on other worlds are vastly different than here on Earth, but the details about those extra-terrestrial environments are what can add depth and reality to a story or mess up a plot or scene.  Wide-ranging temperatures, strange environments, the difficulty of doing something as common as attaching a connector, and the difficulty of simply walking on new and strange worlds can be powerful elements to a story when correctly represented in a character’s experiences.
This presentation focuses on the most likely destinations in humanity’s near future; the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and comets.  Vince will discuss the dominant environmental features for each of these worlds and some of the leading theories about how humanity will try to cope with them.  Some of the experiences from our past and current explorations that point toward future issues will also be discussed.

Future Populations and Industries In space:
15 years ago, the idea that huge ice reserves existed on the Moon was the subject of fiction.  Presently, the vast reserves of ice known to be on the Moon and the sustained commercial interests they have inspired are fueling the beginnings of a race to establish space-based industries and space colonies that previously existed only in science fiction.  The next few decades in space will shape the destiny of humanity for hundreds of years or more.
This presentation examines the vast resources that are now within the reach of humanity, the industries that are likely to arise, the economies that could develop, and the populations that could evolve in space.  This presentation will also discuss some of the social and ethical challenges that these space-based populations will have to address.